with a FOCUS ON METABOLIC NUTRITION, i can help you find your balanced "fitlife" STYLE.

I am the girl that’s searching for all the answers.

It all started when I first joined a gym.  I remember, I wore my matching workout gear, feeling incredibly intimidated by the weights area, I hit the treadmill….

I was not over weight, but I needed to be cautious of my large appetite as one day I swear it would catch up with me, I was known for “coffee and cake”,a bottomless pit at meal time, and consuming food mindlessly..

I lasted about a month at the commercial gym…. I carefully justified to my husband why buying a treadmill for home would be the solution…. Soon it became a dust collector.  Id always promise myself “I’ll start on Monday”

I knew what I wanted, but didn’t have a clue how to make it fit my life.  I was in a fulltime office job, and in future, a mum! – my friend network at the time was not into body transformation, and I wanted knowledge and support.  It had to be a sustainable lifestyle for it to work.

At times, I’d do really well, thinking I was eating “healthy” and exercising everyday… the birthdays, social events, Christmas, holidays – they were all inevitable and they always undid my efforts.  Not necessarily the event, but the fact it would take me weeks to “find my groove again”. – the sugar addiction grasping at my throat until it would wear away as I got back into some sort of movement punishment and felt better about myself.  The double edged sword….

I found that there was so much information out there, and as noisy as it was, I still felt alone, as a transformation happens from the inside.

In 2014 I rekindled a friendship and we shared an interest in fitness.  I decided to “compete” on stage alongside my friend – knowing I didn’t have a competitive bone in my body, it was a great goal, a fun filled ride with my friend and it kept me very well motivated along the way.  And through this process, I was reborn.

I learnt all the things NOT to do when inspired for a lasting body transformation…

Now I share my passion for health, vitality, functionality and balance, and it comes from my heart. Finding color and strength from where the darker places led me, I am proud to provide a solution to any fitness goal, lifestyle, disordered eating patterns and emotional wellbeing with the knowledge, personal experience and support of becoming certified with Metabolic Precision.

Getting back on the stage in 2015 with the right mindset, nutritional intake and clear goals.  THAT was a great achievement!  Lighting the belief in myself that I can achieve anything I set out to.

Now nothing holds me back from achieving my goals.  I know what I want, and how to get it.  In my own time, and within my current lifestyle.  Let me show you how!

My “why” is exactly that. Learning about it all.  Teaching myself to “swim” and becoming content in my own ability to learn, practice, and share.

And even now, I still want to learn as much as I possibly can about Human Nutrition, Disease, Sport Performance, Psychology and Supplementation.  Because I know ill always be craving for more answers.  And connecting with those that want the support and guidance….. THATS what lights me up!


Cert III & IV Fitness 2012


Level 1 Metabolic Nutrition 2014

Level 2 Body Transformation Specialist 2015

Level 3 Athletic Conditioning Specialist 2016

Certified in MP Advanced Supplementation 2016

Certified MP F.I.R.E Nexus Point training 2015

Level 1 & Advanced THUMP Boxing Instructor 2013

Level 1 & Advanced Kettlebell Instructor 2014

Level 1 First Aid and CPR Certification 


2017 Diploma of Health Science (pathway)

2018 Bachelor Nutrition & Dietetics Griffith University Gold Coast

NLP & Sports / Motivational Psychology 



2014-2015 ANB & INBA Fitness Competitor placing 1st 4th & 6th  

Bulk Nutrients Brand Ambassador 2014 – current (VIC/QLD)

Feature spread in the Women’s Health & Fitness Magazine August 2015, 6 page Pull out for my “Killer Kettlebell workout tutorial, in promotion with Bulk Nutrients Newest Protein Blend “Thermowhey”