Forethought, Performance and reflection.

Forethought, Performance and reflection.

My goal – was to return to the Bodybuilding stage “eating whatever I wanted”.

Forethought Phase.  Defined as:

Task Analysis

  • Goal setting
  • Strategic planning


Self Motivation Beliefs

  • Self – Efficacy
  • Outcome expectations
  • Intrinsic Interest / Value
  • Learning goal orientation

  My goal – was to return to the Bodybuilding stage “eating whatever I wanted”.

I implemented strategic planning, through hiring a coach to ensure training intensity was higher than what I could provide myself on my own, and most importantly, I was in control of my own nutritional needs. Each week I met set targets and goals, that were set by myself, under the accountability of my coach.  This worked particularly well for me as I was able to explore other contributing factors towards successful personal development.

My self efficacy (self-belief) was tested throughout the whole aspect of this process of personal achievement.

Hiring a coach felt as an investment in myself to re-assure and avoid self-doubt, through past experiences of failure and over analysing the project. At times when I would self doubt, I had a coach to draw my attention back to the current progress taking place.

I had to block out a lot of considered “noise”, inclusive of extrinsic to intrinsic.  Particularly difficult was social behaviour and eating out.  Adhering to my strategic planning and self invested “why factor” I overcome this in most instances, remaining balanced at all times.

I explored so much more than fitness and health, I actively sought out questions I had, and never understood, researching and reflecting on them in my own words to build solid knowledge.  In which I now explain to others with ease and confidence.

My outcome expectations of the desired goal were to return to the Bodybuilding stage, essentially “scratching an itch” I had once achieved and failed to maintain good habits and discipline afterwards.  (rookie mistake, commonly made)

My intrinsic Interest and value come from personally achieving something that only a handful of people achieve at any point of a lifetime.    I enjoyed the habitual process, discipline and feelings of fulfilment, progression and passion towards myself, my actions, and the positive effect it had on those around me. 

My learning goal was orientated around reconnecting with a previous personal feeling of progression, accountability, and success.   Watching the picture of self-belief transform in front of me week by week, to achieve the ultimate goal at the end resides with me for life.   Every great habit, positive thought, strength and unique passion towards health that I now can identify, continue to carry forward every day as a solid habitual lifestyle.