Where do you go?

Where do you go?

Go. Meaning movement. But in this sense, completely still.

Go. Meaning movement. But in this sense, completely still.



Dreaming and living your goals as if you have already achieved them and this is what life is for you.

It's an amazing place.

Just like in the movie "happy Gilmore" and he had to go to his happy place before he made the putt.

It worked.

It changed his mood and set him up clearer aligned for that shot.


Even though we are in real time, we can still enter  this happy place.

IN fact the more often you do, the more you will expand on your dreams.


The mind does not know the difference between imagination and real, so by entering these visualizations your life will take these pathways to marry up what your dreams are.

Linking the goal with reality, that's what your brain is searching for.


At first it seems weird.  But after a few rimes its becomes much more realistic.

You can be and do whatever you want!


*"Mostly I am with my family, out the back of a property we purchased after our franchise business took off approximately 6years after i completed my dietetics degree.

All my family is there, dad cooking a bbq, mum inside at the sink, she gives me a hug when I come in and i can actually "feel" it.

My sister is there with her partner and she has a baby, and my brother is swinging on the chair having a cigarette.

I go and get changed.  I have an amazing 'sex in the city' type walk in wardrobe.  Its so cool.

We talk, watch the boys ride their small motorbikes as it stirs up my pinto that's close in the paddock behind us.

Life is perfect. So happy. So together.

My business and passion is so successful I have the opportunity to support a charity.

I'm invited to a "ball" event next week to make some connections.

I love driving to work. When i get there as its 24/7 a few members are already getting organised. I can hear them happily discussing life as they work together..

My office is clean. So organized.

I love my work. And the maths isnt even hard anymore. In fact, its a breeze. I stunn myself! Haha.

This morning i have a FIRE session to teach, then 4 appointments for Patients with Type 1 Diabetes.

After Specializing in diabetes and mixed with my magnetic passion to motivate and educate others, has unlocked a whole new world for them to learn, and my revolutionary approach to health and fitness is a strong and successful new world.

I am the entrepreneur.  And i have my own stage.

Ive been looking for that stage."