WHAT IS Metabolic Precision?

Metabolic Precision is a science-based, research-proven, body transformation system that is internationally recognised. 

Metabolic Precision is NOT a diet, and I will not “tell you what to eat”.  

The beauty of the Metabolic Precision lifestyle is that It “teaches” you, not only where you may have got it wrong in the past, but HOW to build momentum, make the correct nutritional choices, no matter where you are in the world, and refine your choices toward your goals, budget, health, family and tastebuds!

No fads, No diets, No restrictions.

Metabolic Precision teaches you the structure, ignites individualization and sustained motivation that no diet or exercise program ever could.

With each Metabolic Precision Program you complete, lays the foundation for even greater, accelerated results!

Offering 1-1 private Nutrition Consultations and F.I.R.E, you can feel comfortable and supported along the program. 

Also available online, contact me, and we can communicate at a distance, provide support around your lifestyle and location.

When you invest in my support, I will teach you, unfolding layer by layer, and guide you to write your very own meal plans that are tailored to suit you – AND your family!

Want to build Muscle?  Shed Fat and change your body composition? Do a glamour photoshoot? Climb a building? Or compete in a sporting event?

With Metabolic Precision your lifestyle and nutrition can adapt with you.

When your goals change, MP can be contoured to suit. That’s why Metabolic Precision is a totally revolutionary approach - achieve the body you want and know how to keep it.

Your Program includes.. 

The MP Gold Edition Manual

This beautifully presented manual is your complete educational tool! 


Metabolic Priming and important facts about your metabolism

Metabolic Nutrition Timing

How to construct metabolically precise meals

The Kitchen “makeover” system – that you will use time and time again!

The 10 point Exercise system

Easy to read, short informative chapters to unfold, each week.

Metabolic Precision Online access for 12 months!

The Metabolic Precision Cookbible  - thats bursting in over 175 fast, delicious, nutritious fat burning meals that you can make in less than 10 minutes! 

The Audio Series

Making the learning process absolutely excuse free, you can learn the 7 steps to success, adapting to eating out, creating new habits, beating the sugar cravings, how to accelerate recovery after exercise, boost energy during your workouts, and learn what the pro’s do!  There are no secrets.  You can uncover them all, ask in your Metabolic Precision search engine, and download an audio that you want to learn about!  Best of all, you can learn and develop at your own pace.

Lindsay Perry is  certified in Metabolic Precision  Levels 1, 2 & 3.

A unique blend of skills and passion to support your transformation through the Mind, muscle, and movement, week by week you will learn skills for life!

Prime your Metabolism for Success

Eat for health, performance & fat loss all at once

What the Healthiest People in the World Really Eat!

The FEONS: Foods Essential to Optimum Nutrition

Yes! Chocolate, Red Wine & Coffee can be a part of your plan!

Nutrition Timing: how to make food work for you!

Prepare entire weeks of gourmet-quality eating in minutes!

Monitor & contour without counting calories!

Introduce a better way of eating the whole family will love!

The Secrets of a Successful Transformation!

How to avoid the mistakes most people make!

Send me an email, and I will contact you personally.  Strictly limited places, ensuring first class support you deserve as you make the best decision toward your  health and vitality!






You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great!

Sign up - Strictly limited numbers! (link to contact page)

Meet with Lindsay, or engage over the phone in a consultation to unlock your goals.

Choose to work exclusively 1-1 or online and in your own time/gym environment

Receive your materials from Lindsay, and she will also design your exercise program tailored to suit you.

Gain your online access to mp-body.com & all the incredible on-line resources.

Each week 12 week program we meet to learn, support and inspire as we implement the systems for success.

Complete each 12 week program & be in the running to win up to $25,000 in cash (entry details see www.mp-body.com)